Thursday, July 25, 2013

5 Ways to Have a Fun Workout

Sometimes just the thought of working out can be a dreadful one. For a lot of us, it isn't until we actually get into the groove of the workout that we start to truly enjoy it. It's so easy to get caught up on the intensity of the workout, that we forget the fact that we are doing a complete and wonderful service to our mind, body, and souls!  It is indeed an amazing and beautifying activity that we are engaging in so here are a few tips to help you have more fun when working out:

  1. Friends - Workout partners are the best type of motivators! Laugh, chat, Vine & Instagram through your workout- funnn!
  2. Classes - Try a new class like the latest fitness fad right now- aqua cycling! Group fitness will give you peer motivation.
  3. Style - Shop! Find a few new fitness pieces that you’d be happy to wear for your next workout. Add punchy colors to your workout wardrobe for motivation. Find your ‘energizing’ color.
  4. Change - There is nothing more exciting than change! Don’t do the same workout everyday- mix it up. There are around 640+ muscles in your body to work- wow.
  5. Meditate - Dr Oz. says 5 minutes a day will keep you ultra balanced. A still mind naturally reduces stress, thus leaves room for more fun!

“I hate saying, ‘I like exercising.’ I want to punch people who say that in the face." 
- Jennifer Lawrence



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