Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Greek Yogurt: A Tasty Step in the Right Direction

Just recently over the past few months have I been on the Greek yogurt bandwagon. A bandwagon that I purposely avoided out of fear of just falling into the latest health fad.  However, after being forced by a loved one to at least taste it, I instantly fell in love with the thick, creamy, texture and delicious flavor!  As usual, the moment I declare love for something I just have to research everything about it and to my surprise, Greek yogurt was indeed more than just a health fad.  I've never been much of an indulger in yogurt, but now, I keep my fridge stocked with a healthy supply of this Greek Goodness.


 Loaded with Protein
According to Bonnie Taub-Dix, R.D., author of Read It Before You Eat It, digging into a cup of Greek yogurt can deliver as much protein as eating meat. "Greek yogurt has double the protein of most regular yogurts," she explains. "An 8-ounce cup has as much protein as a 3-ounce chicken cutlet!" In addition to being a key nutrient in building and maintaining your muscle mass, including protein in every meal can also keep you full longer.  Having such a high protein content also makes this food an excellent belly fat fighter!

Good for Your Stomach
If you’ve been trying to boost your probiotics you’re in luck. Greek yogurt can improve your digestive health, keep bacteria in your stomach healthy and boost your immune system.

Enjoy it with fresh berries for breakfast, or use it in place of sour cream on a baked potato or as a dip for fresh veggies. Greek yogurt also serves as an excellent post workout snack.  For maximum nutrients, make sure your Greek yogurt has "live and active culture", which is usually listed somewhere on the label.  One yogurt a day could help burn the fat away!


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