Thursday, July 25, 2013

Overcoming the Past, Embracing Today and a Brighter Future

Dwelling on the past can be such an addictive thing. It’s a negative form of meditating. You can actually zone completely out, tune out all of your current surroundings, and live in the past for that entire moment or moments of dwelling. Whomever said time-traveling isn’t real has obviously never dwelled in the past before, because that is certainly a form of moving back in time.

We all go through different life experiences and as hard as it is to let go of something that has happened us, in order to experience a better NOW and a better tomorrow, we have to stop thinking about what happened yesterday.  Our past experiences will always be our own individual memories, lessons, gems, and demons; That's about as much possession that we need to embrace. From this point on, make a commitment to embracing the present. The present is the only point in time that we can actually fully experience- tomorrow will always be "tomorrow" and yesterday will always be "yesterday". However, what we do today can define our new memories of our newly created "past" and our outlook of our highly anticipated "tomorrow".

Take one last glance at the past and realize that it's over. Accept that it happened, accept that it has affected you, and let it go. The time to live is now, in the present. From now on when you find yourself thinking about and dwelling in the past, try saying this:

"No, I am here.. in the present. 
I breathe in and embrace my surroundings… 
I breathe out and let go of the past.
Happiness is my present. Happiness is my destiny."

3 Tips for Overcoming the Past

1.  Write down your goals and work towards them.
While your past may be a blueprint of what not to do, your goals are a blueprint of what you can do to live happily and move forward.  Take time to write future goals and even daily goals. Identify what it is that you want out of life, who you want to be, and how you are determined to get there. Daily goals can be as simple as vowing to smile all day, helping a stranger, or meeting new people.  When you keep your mind occupied, it leaves less room for drifting to the past.

2. Remove anything that reminds you of your past.
Sometimes we don't even realize that the reason we can't seem to let go of what bothers us from the past is because we have something in our faces subconsciously reminding us of it on a daily basis.  It can be a scent, a photo, an object, or even the way we have a room decorated. Do yourself a favor and give yourself a full cleanse. If you cannot quite pinpoint what it is that is sparking this memory- just give yourself and your surroundings a complete detox, clean, rearrange furniture, throw away photos that remind you of a bad experience, discard of everything that was associated with the memory. You may even find that you may have to remove a few people from your life or at least distance yourself until you are all healed.  Often times, a fresh start and new faces is all that is needed to jump start the path of happiness.

3. Do Some Charity Work.
Nothing makes your own problems seem smaller than helping those who are truly in need. There are tons of people struggling with life and death situations on a daily basis. Hunger, disease, homelessness, abuse, and more. Involving yourself in charity work is not only going to make you feel better (as well as the people in need) by helping and giving to others, it can open your eyes and help you realize that maybe, just maybe, your worries aren't so bad in comparison.  This alone may be a great boost for overcoming your past and appreciating your present life to the point that you are excited to finally embrace it.


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