Monday, August 26, 2013

3 Hot Styles to Stay Cool With

In these grueling hot summer months the last thing that any girl needs is having sticky hair all over their neck to add to the misery. As much as I love the look of having long locks down my back, 80 and 90 degree weather just doesn't make it practical. Here are some fun summer hairstyles you can do using Not Your Mother’s hair products that are sure to help you stay cool! The best part about these styles is that they can be worn in the daytime or they can be dressed up with accessories for a night out.  

Style 1 - Twisted Knots

Start this style off by dividing your hair into two sections by making a horizontal part from ear to ear. Use either a clip or a pin to secure the top section out of the way so that you can work with the bottom half first. Pull the bottom into a tight ponytail.  Release the top section and make that into a slightly looser (yet still sleek) ponytail. The reason for making a looser ponytail on top is to hide the parting of the hair. Brush the hair from both ponytails to get all of the knots out. Part the bottom ponytail into two sections and twist them over one another until you get to the tips of the hair, then make a bun with the twist and pin in against your head tucking the ends underneath. Make another twist and bun with the ponytail on the top and pin it just above the bottom bun. Finish it off with Not Your Mother’s Rise & Shine mist to make the style look smooth and polished.

Style 2 - A Halo Braid

Start this style off by spraying your hair with Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe texturizing spray and scrunching it to create texture. Next make a deep side part in your and begin French braiding the hair in a circle on the top of your head starting with the side of the part that has more hair. Continue braiding around your head until there is no more hair at the crown to French braid and then continue a standard 3 strand brand down your hair until you get to the tips. Finish the style by tucking the loose end of the braid underneath the base of where the French braid started to hide it, and then pin it in place.

Style 3 - A Messy Bun

Begin this style by making a high ponytail. Spray the ponytail with Not Your Mother’s She’s A Tease volumizing hairspray. Use a comb or brush to tease the entire ponytail and then spray the hair again. Next wrap the teased hair into a large messy bun and pin it into your desired shape.


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