Friday, August 9, 2013

8 Things Every Cosmopolitan Woman Needs in Her Kitchen

Whether you're a gourmet chef or you can't boil water, there are a few things every kitchen should not be without.  I often cook for friends and family and I'm always at a loss when they don't have what I consider kitchen basics.  Now, I do realize that some things are costlier than others and it needs to be said that you don't have to purchase the top tier version of an item to get your desired result.  But, every self sustaining woman needs a well stocked kitchen.  Simple.  I'm a big believer in the modern woman and "sisters doing it for themselves" therefore I believe every lady should know how to cook for herself as well as being able to order a healthy takeout meal (the latter is not entirely an oxymoron).  Honestly, this goes for men too.  Kitchen basics made easy.  So when you're moving into your first apartment or finally buying that condo you've been saving for, instead of having your guests bring wine, maybe have them bring something from this list either collectively or separately.  Who says gift registries are just for brides?

1. Blender:  This is simple.  You can make margaritas, blend fruits and veggies to detox from all the margaritas you just drank and then make yourself some killer hummus or guacamole.  Blenders do it all and there are a ton out there.  Personally, I'm partial to the Vitamix but there's about a billion to choose from.  My friend Ashley makes mashed potatoes in her Ninja for her fiance while my friend Vanessa makes crazy smoothies for herself in her magic bullet.  Blenders can run you anywhere from $20 to a month's rent, so find the one that fits your budget and lifestyle.  

2. Wine Opener: You'd think this was a given, but not so.  There are people in this world living in cities, going to work and seeming perfectly ordinary and they don't have a bottle opener (OH THE HORROR!).  Bottle openers are everywhere. You don't have to buy the mahogany and gold option. Trader Joe's is known to carry a sturdy one.  For wine keys, the $2 version works just as well.  

3. Coffee or Tea Maker (of some sort):  You have a lot of options with this one.  Whether you drink coffee or tea you should have something in this category.   Tea is packed with antioxidants and coffee is just plain tasty.  Both are great transitions after that perfect date to take it from door to living room. You can do any of the following:
  • Percolator
  • French press (my personal favorite)
  • Moka pot/ bialetti
  • Espresso machine (for the fancy girl)
  • and with Tea you really need either a kettle or a hot water maker.   

4. Things to make a Salad: Thank God veggies are making a come back.  I know people who "can't do veggies" and I always cringe.  And I don't care what the commercial says, Chef Boyardee isn't a vegetable (neither is the french fry, kids).  The thing about salads is that they're super easy to make.  If you're tired and don't want to make that frozen pizza you were craving earlier, make a salad.  Plus you always feel good after a salad.  If you consistently have healthy options on hand you'll make better decisions more often.  And basically you just need a green leafy veggie and anything else you think you'd like to throw in there.  Get crazy... there are no rules when it comes to salad making.

5. Fruit:  Not to stress the health thing but fruit is so easy.  And if you eat enough of it you'll realize its filling.  Apples, bananas, berries... all are acceptable to eat on the train or while you're walking.  They'll all give you energy and make you feel pretty good about your choices that day.  Plus you can juice it and drink it on the go.

6. Basic set of 4 wine glasses: If you're going to have anyone over other than yourself then you must have some wine glasses.  I mean you can put grapefruit juice in it or make a yogurt parfait but wine glasses are pretty basic and again inexpensive.  Bed Bath and Beyond always has great prices and they generally look alike so you don't need to fret too much if you break one. 

7. Standard Cookie Sheet: So basic, so easy. They're good for bagels if your toaster is on the fritz, cookies if you're channeling your inner Martha and oven fries for that movie night with your buds.
8. Good set of knives: Ok really, put down the Chef Boyardee!  Get some knives and chop up all those veggies or even cut the limes for tequila shots with your friends- but buy a set of knives (make sure there's a sharpener included).  I mean really there's nothing worse than a dull knife.

These are so easy to snag and you can take your time collecting all of these but if you don't have these guys its time to start stocking up!


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