Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cold Water + Ginger, The Fat Burning Duo

Everyone has already heard, at least once, that ginger is a good ally when you are trying to lose weight. I am glad to say that this is not a lie or myth! Nutritionists say that ginger is a thermogenic plant; that means that it increases the body temperature, forcing the body to expend more energy.

Ginger and cold water is a great combination. Cold water is also known as a thermogenic element; because your body needs to work more to balance the temperature of the water in your organism. Result: by mixing both, you increase your metabolism and burn more fat! It's that simple.

Another benefit of Ginger is that it stimulates liver enzymes to work and eliminate toxins. When this happens, the feeling of satiety comes much faster; leaving you more satisfied and avoiding overeating. Another good news: ginger has anti-inflammatory action, helping your skin to look smooth and without cellulite. Here's an easy and effective way to use ginger: 

  • Peel the ginger and put some some slices of it in a bottle with cold water.
  • Leave it in your fridge, always.
  • Drink it several times per day. 

I'm always with a big glass of water and ginger by my side while working! Plus, the taste is very refreshing.

To successfully lose weight, don't forget to include exercises and healthy meals on your daily routine. 


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