Friday, August 16, 2013

DIY: Coconut Body Butter, The Simplest DIY Ever


Every girl needs at least one "coconutty" friend. I will share my BFF with the world. All hail the beloved Coconut Oil! Now, although I am a big fan of DIY projects, some can be more trouble than they are worth. Some call for too many tools/ingredients, while others have more steps than I wish to count. It is hands down, the easiest DIY I have ever completed. So, if you are a lazy DIY-er like myself, this is the "pis de resistance"!

DIY Coconut Body Butter:

Tools: Electric Hand Mixer or Standing Mixer, Jar w/ lid
Ingredients: 1 cup of (solid/refrigerated) unrefined Coconut Oil (Trader Joe's brand is least expensive); yields about 5 oz.
*Optional: To boost the fragrance, add any essential oil you like. For mine, I added a bit of lemon juice and a few drops of vanilla extract.

1. Scoop out solidified oil into large bowl and add any other oils you desire.

2. Mix on high speed with either electric or standing mixer for 6-8 min. or until reaching glorious, fluffy status!

Seriously, that's it. You may have doubted the title before, but I have a feeling you are now a believer!

Now place the fluffy goodness in a glass container with lid and keep on your nightstand or sink. These also make wonderful gifts for any occasion. Not only is this a healthy alternative to all the mineral oils, alcohols, and parabens found in most cheap lotions, it actually moisturizes.This body butter also eliminates the need to go out and buy excess lotions that claim to have you "glittery" or "faux glowing". The coconut body butter leaves a nice, natural sheen that makes you glow, naturally!


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