Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Get Perfect Curls with Andis Titanium Curling Irons

Andis 1 Inch Titanium Curling Iron 33830My new favorite curling irons are from Andis, I'm serious! They have introduced a collection of professional curling irons called High Heat Titanium Curling Irons. I honestly never knew that Andis carried professional heat styling tools because I knew Andis for 2 things -  men's hair clippers and hotel blow dryers. When I first saw them they looked different to me (not bad just different) because I was so used to seeing tourmaline and ceramic irons that had a gold or bronze color and these were silver. I had never used titanium tools before so I did a little research, and they're said to be the best heat styling option because they do not damage the hair. Upon  picking up the curling irons I realized that they are by far the lightest that I had ever come across. I guess that after doing hair for a while you automatically assume the heavier the iron the better it curls, but these curling irons do such an amazing job. The design of the irons are very modern, I especially love the fact that the soft touch handle is completely flat and has grooves on it to avoid slipping. 

The term "high heat" is very often used but Andis was not playing, it heats up really fast! The first time I used it I underestimated how quickly it gets hot and touched the rod, thus burning myself. As a native New Yorker it's in my genes to be cynical, so I did not take heed to the claim that the curler heats up in 30 seconds - not smart on my behalf. Folks, Andis is not lying in just 30 seconds the tool is completely ready to go! Once I kissed the boo boo on my index finger, I began to style my client's hair. The tools did not clamp down as heavily on the hair as what I was used to, but I found it to be better for me because I was less likely to leave dents in the hair. I was finished curling my client's entire head in about 15 minutes (which was record time for me) and I found the curls to be bouncy and super shiny. Basically I was in love.

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When I was summoned by XXL magazine to do a fun 1950's inspired shoot with some of ladies on VH1's "Mob Wives," I knew that only my Andis High Heat Titanium Curling Irons would do. Set work requires you to work rather quickly so you have to pack smart. All 3 ladies (Renee, Karen, and Big Ang) had very long, heavy hair that required a lot of manipulation to achieve to styles requested by the magazine. Big Ang was not particularly happy about having to curl her hair. She told me that she had just received a fresh blowout, I felt for her but no one had stick straight hair in 50's (sorry Ang). The titanium irons were key in creating the pin curled and waved styles necessary for the editorial. My assistant and I were able to crank out the hair looks for all three ladies in under 2 hours because the irons were so efficient. Renee, Karen, and Big Ang were all transformed into vintage housewives. Even Big Ang changed her tune once styling was complete, she said "This is cool I feel like I'm in 'Grease'." Thanks Andis!



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