Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hitting Whitewater for a Fabulous Workout

Let us flashback to our high school and college days when you'd see the crew team walking through the halls or gathered in the dining room together.  They had the best lean muscles and this air of exclusivity about them.  Well there is a way to feel like part of that team for just a little bit.  Go rafting!!  Whitewater rafting is a super fun way to workout your arms, abs and inner Indiana Jones.  I went for the first time yesterday and let me tell you it was a blast.  

So, I went with a group of nine to the Poconos in Pennsylvania. Pocono Whitewater has two levels of whitewater rafting and I went on the easier of the two because it was my first time.  I can't say enough how much fun I had!  The general rule is about six to a raft so we divided into groups of five and four.  After a brief photo session and safety tutorial everyone hopped on the buses and headed to the river.  Now, Pocono Whitewater has set things up in such a way that they're open to families and small children.  Seeing a few groups of kids let me know I wasn't truly chancing my life. At any rate, we got to rafting and realized that the crew team was on to something.  Hard work that's fun in the process is difficult to come by.  My raft-mates and I had water fights with the other boats and made our way from the back of the line to the front.  It was just such a good time we didn't realize how exhausted we were until after we returned from our four hour excursion.  The bus ride back to the main site was filled with snoozing participants.  

Now, if four hours isn't your thing then definitely check out some local paddle boating or kayaking deals in your area.  Those that are done on the tidal basin or in local non white water bodies of water are pretty fun and you can get similar workouts in with your friends and family.  But if you can get to some whitewater before the summer's out then definitely do!  Its a total blast and great workout. 


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