Monday, August 19, 2013

Jump Your Way into Skinny Jeans, Literally

So I don't know if you've noticed but YouTube has ads now.  Not the dinky ones that pop up at the bottom of your screen that you can exit out of but actual commercials that appear before the one minute video you're about to watch.  I was preparing to watch a makeup tutorial on YouTube when I saw an ad for rebounding.  The reason I watched it was because A) I already have a trampoline and B) the commercial used a clip from that show "The Doctors" where they featured a specific trampoline and gabbed on and on about it's amazing abilities.  Now this clip claimed that ten minutes on the trampoline has the same health benefits as thirty minutes of running.  WHAT?!  This is appealing.  Like a lot of normal ladies I go through phases where exercise engages me.  I can go a good eight months with regular workouts but when I decide to skip the yoga studio for a day or two, forget about it!  It can take months for me to get back in the saddle again.  Only my self loathing propels me to get off the couch and take it to the treadmill. 

Now, a while back I got a mini trampoline on a suggestion from a friend (I was definitely working out regularly then).  I've had it for maybe about two years and I'd rarely used it until I looked up some stats on rebounding.  Like the fact that it's called rebounding as opposed to trampolining because its much lower to the ground.  Also, while it was officially created ages ago, it was redeveloped in the mid nineties by injured athlete JB Berns as a low impact alternative to his routine.  Also, it moves oxygen through the body and to your tissues.  There are actually more great facts here.

The good thing about personal trampolines is that they're pretty inexpensive.  I paid thirty dollars for mine on Amazon.  You can buy them from Sports Authority or one of the sporting goods stores but I find you can grab a better deal online.  Another trampoline incentive... you can work out in your undies.  Since you're doing it at home you really can put in a minimal effort to your physical appearance.  In other words, if you want to condition your body without having to think too much about it definitely snag one of these babies for under forty bucks or pop into the next class offered at your gym.  Really, you won't be sorry!


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