Monday, August 12, 2013

Long Hair, Don't Care - Tips for Growing Long Hair

Often, I have been asked, "How can I make my hair grow?" or "How can I keep my length?".  Well Ladies, here are a few of my tried and true tips that I would like to share with you all.  I really cannot say it enough, that water, nutrition and exercise- top my list.

Vitamins, Food, and Less Alcohol
Getting enough of the essential vitamins, aides hair growth and keeps the hair shaft strong from the inside out.  Biotin, B Complex vitamins, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables, are a few examples.  Eating oily fish such as salmon and tuna because they are rich in Omega-3 content also works well.  Also, try to avoid drinking excessive amounts of alcohol.  Hair growth can be disrupted by changes in hormone levels, so the intake of hormone supporting foods, vitamins, and liquids can be highly beneficial.

Trim and Wash
It is inevitable that your hair will shed, but not inevitable that it will break.  Another key is to always trim your ends.  Do not trim your own ends!  You can grow the hair, but if the ends are splitting upwards, your hair will become shorter no matter how much new growth you have.  When washing hair, I also like to detangle my ends before I wash to reduce breakage during washing and of course, always wash hair with lukewarm water to let the shampoo and conditioner emulsify in your hair.  At the end of washing, switch to cold in order to seal the cuticle.

Essential Oils and Moisturizing
Essential oils such as jojoba oil, castor oil, amila, argan, and coconut oil- all help in reducing breakage, rejuvenating the scalp, and nourishing the hair shaft.  Hair oils can be used as hot oil treatments, added to conditioners, and for topical use daily.  If you must use heat to style, use light oil afterwards and not during to avoid frying the hair.  Cholesterol, protein, and moisturizing masks used weekly can also protect hair from breakage, repair damage, add luster, and aid elasticity. 

Taking care of your scalp, new growth, strands, and ends are all very important to a healthy mane.  I promise you in no time your hair will be full of strength and beauty.  We must strive to be healthy inside and out, our hair is our crown of glory!


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