Monday, August 5, 2013

Powder Play, A Secret Weapon for Volume

Women are constantly trying to find ways to make their hair look more voluminous. Some of ways that have been found to do this are round brush blowouts, volumizing mousse, teasing, and large rollers. With a vast array of products on the market all promising volume, it can become overwhelming and slightly intimidating to make a choice. As a Hair Stylist, I’m constantly being asked by clients to create sexy styles that defy gravity (a la Claudia Schiffer in her iconic Guess ads). A great product I discovered that adds volume with minimal effort is Powder Play by Big Sexy Hair. This product is in powder form and it effortlessly builds volume and texture into the hair.
It’s really simple to use too, just sprinkle it onto the hair (I like to concentrate on the roots) and work it in with your fingers. Powder Play goes on the hair white but disappears into the hair leaving no trace of the powder behind. Sometimes, especially with brunette shades, powders leave the hair with a “chalky” appearance but Big Sexy Hair got it right. The results are immediate and quite noticeable. It leaves the hair obviously fuller and can be used as a great foundation for molding shapes. The powder works by getting the hair's texture rough enough to maintain the volume. Soft, silky hair does not maintain height well especially at the roots.
I tested it out on several hair types (Caucasian, African American, Latina, and Asian) and found that I’ve gotten great results on them all. What I love the most about Powder Play is that it's ideal for both curly and straight hairstyles. This amazing powder leaves a matte finish on the hair and is completely odorless.  I recently used it on my fine haired model for a magazine editorial shoot and the result was incredible. It made her look like she had twice as much hair and gave her a sexy lift at the root. Powder Play has become a necessity for my hair styling kit!


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