Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Smokey Eyes in 5 Easy Steps

We all still love that smokey eye look!  There are so many tips and "how-to"s out there that it can become confusing and tricky. Here's a simple 5 step guide to get the look! But first, stay away from blue hues - which can make you look like you have under-eye circles; Instead, go for black, gray, brown or if you want "color," dark green shadows and liners. Then, follow these steps:

1. Apply a cream concealer over your eyelid to create a smooth base for your eyeshadow.

2. Use a pencil liner (black or gray looks best) to trace your top lash-line from the inner corner to the outer. Then, use the same pencil to dot between your lower lashes. Smudge both lash-lines with a cotton swab or an eyeliner brush.

TIP: For the prettiest effect, pick cream shadow if your skin is dry and powder if it's normal, and keep the color most intense at your lash-line, diffusing it with your finger or a makeup brush as you spread it over the crease

3. Sweep powder shadow (brown, gray and dark green all work with black or gray liner) over your lid and into your crease, blending the color up and outward.

TIP: To prevent color from fading and give your lids a more shimmery finish, pat a cream shadow over the concealer on your lid first, wait five minutes, then top with a matching powder shadow.

4. Dust a lighter, neutral eyeshadow (such as ivory) over just your brow bone.

5. Finish with two coats of black mascara.



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