Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Buzz on Red Wine, To Chill or Not To Chill?

This summer I've noticed a great disturbance to my world of wines.  It started when I noticed my roommate would keep her YellowTail brand Shiraz in the fridge.  I bit my tongue because I know it's impolite to point out when someone is being completely gauche.  However, as the summer progressed and drinking wine outside became more and more frequent I noticed chilled red wines were all over the place.  After doing a little internet research I discovered it was me who was in the wrong.  As it turns out, red wine is to be served in more than one temperature and it all depends on the type of wine.  Not to mention that way back in the day, when wine was made and the temperatures for this delightful libation were set, people stored wine in castles and cellars where the actual room temperature was a bit cooler than our somewhat balmy American homes.  In other words, your reds need to spend a little time chilling out in order to get the true flavor.  So you know that old lady sitting next to you at the cafe who asks for ice with her glass of Cabernet?  She's not so far off.  But don't get crazy with it.  Reds should not be cold, just chilled.  And alongside this, your whites and blushes need to be a tad bit warmer.  In other words, let them sit out for about half an hour before you serve them.  

Okay, so now you ask, which wines are served how?  That's a legitimate question.  I checked in to this website that gave me the complete lowdown on deciphering which wines to chill and how.  So okay, your more commonplace red wines that you chill just slightly to what would be an old world room temperature I gave an acronym to remember it by.  This may or may not be helpful but think of it in doubles: BB CC SS MZ.  Can you guess what they are?  Bordeaux, Burgundy, Cabernet, Chianti, Shiraz, Syrah, Merlot and Zinfandel.  Or a little easier to think of: What is generally at eye level in the Trader Joe's Wine Shop.  Good right?

So the reds recommended to be slightly cooler than the others are Pinot Noir and Rose.  Now personally this will be a bit of an adjustment for me.  As an avid red wine drinker, I prefer it the way I've always felt God and modernism intended.  But as I grow older, and I entertain more often I feel it prudent to get it right.  Yes that's right ladies, its time to grow up and face the fact that we must chill our red wines. Now in regards to whites, I think its a bit more simple.  Let them hangout for something like fifteen minutes prior to serving to warm up some and you're good to go.  Just the simplicity of that makes it feel more doable.  And actually check out this site and this site because they were the most helpful. 


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wow i never knew this! interesting

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