Monday, August 12, 2013

Who Doesn't Love Lots of Lashes!?

I happened upon Maybelline's "Great Lash Lots of Lashes" as I was waiting in line to check out at Ulta. The lady checking out in front of me had grabbed one and it rang up for $1.99. $1.99!!! Even the girl checking her out was shocked and then realized Maybelline products were on promo for buy 2 get one free. STEAL. BOOM. We both shot out of line to get them and I was sold. Not only was it a ridiculous deal, but it has been the best mascara, hands down, that I have tried in my entire mascara career. Now, being Filipino and having fine, straight lashes... I NEED and know me some mascara.

From drugstore to high end, no other mascara, thus far, has been so on point with my lashes before. This mascara offers awesome separation with little to no clumping. It gives a lot of volume without looking too unnatural and the formula isn't too wet or too dry. I was skeptical about the plastic brush at first but the heart shaped, washable brush is actually quite comfortable and easy to work with. 

Even though I have very fine lashes, my lashes are relatively longer than they appear when bare, so I am not sure how well this mascara would fare for someone with shorter lashes since the formula isn't meant to be lengthening. Since my lashes are also very straight with no natural curl at all, I curl my lashes prior to applying any mascara. I have tried this mascara without curling them and they still appeared very full but again, the formula doesn't lend to curling lashes either.

With all that being said, I heart this mascara hard. Priced between $4.49 and $5.99, this mascara is a great value and pretty on point. 


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