Saturday, September 28, 2013

4 Things to Consider Before Coloring Your Hair

1.  Be conscious of your emotional state.
We have all been through either a breakup or a shift in our careers where it has driven us to the salon for a change.  Stop right there.  Think.  Consult.  And then wait.  Rash decisions often times lead to regret and being in the beauty industry we want you to love your look long after leaving.

 2.  Be conscious of your skin tone.
When looking for color inspiration, try to find images of people with similar skin tone.  Then determine which shade would work best for you and your complexion.  Cool undertones should choose warmer shades and vice versa to create a more balanced look.  

3.  Be conscious of product residue.  
The remnants of dry shampoo, hairspray or any other products can create a barrier between your hair and the color resulting in a shade you may not of expected.  Keep in mind though, that oil can help protect your scalp from burning so don't worry about showing up with squeaky clean hair either.

4. Be conscious of maintenance.
We spend a lot of money to look good so making it last is key. Be sure you are using the correct products to ensure your shampoo and conditioner isn't do more bad than good for your hair and hair color.. Also, when choosing a look, be sure you can commit to the recommended time you need to return for your next visit because certain techniques or looks can yield a shorter period between visits to maintain.



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