Thursday, September 12, 2013

7 Fall Beauty Trends You'll Want to Wear

 Ombré Buns

Just when you think ombré is going away it finds another way to capture everyone's heart.  This Fall, ombré is indeed here to stay and whether you actually have ombré dyed hair or not- you can get this look too!  Specifically, Pony Extensions are popular to recreate this look.  Don’t worry about matching your color exactly (that’s where the ombré comes in) and pin a hairpiece into your ponytail. Then twist all the hair into a bun, as you normally would and spritz with hairspray.Get creative with the colors you use and have fun!

Bright Eyeshadow

The 80s are still making a comeback this fall.  Bright blue, orange, green, and red eyeshadow and liner are all the trend this season. Mix and match colors or just choose one at a time, either way, it's in!

 Chocolate Lips

We've said it before and we'll say it again... Oxblood lips are it this season. It's a nice change from the norm and really adds that warm, cozy, Fall feeling that we all love so much.  This shade is versatile in the sense that it can be worn with virtually any outfit and looks great on all complexions.

 Twisted French Manicures

Can't forget nails, the French manicure gets a new incarnation. Reverse Frenchies (or half-moon manis) return this season in edgier hues, but we also saw a whole new twist on the classic two-tone design. This new version of the French has a border on the top and the side for a look that’s totally mod.

 Low Ponytails

Yay! Finally, a trend that's super simple.  Who doesn't love the low ponytail? It's quick, it's easy, and more importantly- it's super cute!  Wear it to the side or in the back at the nape of the neck, either way, it's totally in.

The Natural and Pretty Face

Less is more! We welcome the return of pretty, natural makeup this season. While we love the bold, boundary-pushing looks from season's past, it's always nice to see a few beauty trends that will easily translate from the runways to real life. The trick to pulling this look off is in creating a flawless complexion using a tinted moisturizer or light foundation that lets your skin breath. From there, it's all about the blush to highlight your cheekbones.

 Intricate Braids

Don't we all love braids? It's a style that hasn't ever really gone away.  The update for Fall 2013? They're getting more intricate and less perfect. Get creative, whether you do one, two, three, or multiple braids- let your inner hippie guide you.

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