Friday, September 13, 2013

A Guilt-Free Dessert, It Will Make You Go BANANAS

Back in college, I learned that I had become somewhat intolerant to milk and soft cheeses (Boo!). Not wanting to sacrifice my cheese addiction, I gave up milk and went the soy route. For the past few years though, it's been all about the Almond Milk (love). This recipe is the epitome of what I love to do in the kitchen: to "recreate" gluttonous favorites, without the guilt. My ultimate goal is to deliver flavors that satisfy cravings and ignite nostalgia, not indigestion. So here is my take on the classic Bananas Foster, with chocolate of course.

Chocolate Bananas Foster Ice Cream

2 cups Almond Breeze (Vanilla) 2 Bananas
1/3 cup Cocoa Powder 1/3 cup Brown Sugar
2 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract (opt: 1/2 Chopped Organic Dark Chocolate Bar)
1 tsp Water Tools: Immersion Blender and Ice Cream Maker
* (If you don't have I.C. Maker, just place in freezer-safe container)

Pour almond milk and vanilla extract into saucepan and warm on med-lo heat. Once warmed, mix in cocoa powder, extra chopped chocolate if you wish, and 1 banana (sliced). Let cook for 5 min. and then use immersion blender (or regular blender) to smooth out ingredients and set aside to cool.
In a saute pan, place second banana (sliced and then halved) and then the tsp of water with the brown sugar on med-lo until it begins to caramelize (roughly 5-7 min, depending on your burners). Once caramelized, take off heat.

Pour ice cream base into mixer and let it churn about 5 min. and then add caramelized banana pieces to the mixture. Let it go for 7-10 min. longer in machine until incorporated and chilled. Remove mixture and place into freezer-safe container and place in freezer to set (about 15-30 min.) until desired texture is reached. I personally like my ice cream on the softer side, so I took mine out after 20 min. Let the brain freeze begin!


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