Friday, September 13, 2013

Easy Home Remedies You Probably Didn't Know

Nothing in life goes exactly as planned.  However, there are usually ways to get what we want.  For example, if we want soft hands we moisturize or get a manicure.  But all those manicures can be pretty costly.  They've come up with the DIY home manicure but no one does it like the salons.  There are other things too that we may desire but the remedy is costly and not always effective. Well never fear ladies, I've come up with some great remedies that when you think about it, are actually pretty obvious.  These range from beauty to home cures that are super simple making your life much easier.

How to get super soft skin:  So I learned this through trial and error and after a while I perfected it.  Its pretty simple. I used to put conditioner all over my body when I was fifteen thinking it would give me extra soft skin.  To be honest it didn't do much but there is logic behind it.  I figured if conditioner makes your hair soft then in theory it would do the same for your skin.  I tried it similarly with baby oil in college and figured out that if you condition your skin with an oil 5-10 minutes before you shower and then again after, your skin will be baby soft.  Try not to use baby oil if you can avoid it.  Since baby oil is a synthetic oil it clogs pores and doesn't allow skin to breathe.  Coconut oil, sesame oil or olive oil are all far better choices. 


How to keep hands touchable:  
This is something that I've struggled with.  I have those friends with naturally soft hands and I never understood how they were so fortunate.  For some reason I was "blessed" with hands tough enough to do manual labor and it was only worsened by my tree climbing as a kid.  Well after what has felt like forever I now have actual lady hands.  No more callouses for this girl.  The answer is so simple you're going to be shocked you didn't come up with it yourself.  When you get in the shower, take the pumice stone and rub it lightly across the underside of your hands.  Rinse and you'll feel the difference immediately. 

Those pesky gnats: This is a three part solution...

a) I find them so irritating and if I can find a way to stop feeding them I will.  When you're disposing of fruits and veggies and wet foods, toss them in those leftover plastic grocery bags and then in the trash.  The gnats will lose interest in the garbage pretty quickly if they can't access the food in there.  Make sure any dishes with stuck on food are soaking in soapy water in the sink if you don't wash them immediately. 

b) This is a good one.  Gnats hate basil.  So take some basil, put it in a spray bottle and spray all of your produce that sits on the counter with basil water.  
c) Now part three of this little fix it trick.  So  you've stopped feeding them, how do you get rid of them.  An old roommate used to mix apple cider vinegar and water in a clean pasta sauce jar.  If you squirt a little dish soap in the bottom and put cling wrap at the top with holes poked in it you've really got a nifty little trap. Bye Bye fruit flies!

So while all of these solutions may seem unrelated, they are all things I've both battled and resolved since the start of the summer.  When you see that there are legitimate solutions that were right under your nose you start to wonder what else have you have not figured out.  Okay okay.  I'll give you two more.  Combine lemon juice, turmeric and cucumber puree to make a natural and affective dark spot corrector.  And if you tape a swifter cloth to the floor in front of the litter box it will catch some of that cat litter Kitty tends to track everywhere. 

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