Monday, September 9, 2013

Model of the Week: Alisesierra Febus Talks Beauty

Hello Pretties! Meet Alisesierra "Alise" Febus.  An up and coming model from NYC and Well, Hello Pretty's very own "Model of The Week". 

Name: Alisesierra Febus
Age: 20
Height: 5'0
Weight: 118

Thank you for allowing us to interview you Alise, Let's get started with you telling our readers, a little bit about yourself.
I live in the Bronx right now. I work in the city. But my side jobs are acting and modeling. I always try to keep myself busy. 

Very nice! Tell us about some of the work you've done as an actress and how you feel modeling and acting relate, if at all. 
When I was younger I did a lot of [sic] "Extras", then after high school, I decided I wanted to actually pursuit it (acting), so I got a lead role in an upcoming feature film called "Drug Effected", I'm actually filming right now. I am excited! 

That's very exciting!  Congratulations! As you know, we are all about beauty here- so let’s get a little bit of your take on the genre... I have a few questions for you so let's get started.

What is your definition of “Beauty”?
To me, [sic] when beauty is within and out. Beauty is a Rose... 

What’s your favorite hair product and why?
I love to use Moroccan oil because their shampoos and conditioner give your hair a nice glow.   I have dry hair, so I definitely see the difference after washing it. I also use their "Weightless spray".

What is your daily skin routine?
I use products from [sic] Sabon', I use their face scrub once a day and I try to always wash my face at least with dove soap "White bar", before going to bed. 

To keep in shape, do you have a specific workout regimen? 
Funny thing is, I really love food. I'm constantly eating, but I jog every other morning for 45 minutes and now I just started using a stomach wrap while I jog to get my tummy in shape too.

In your opinion, how important is diet (food) in regards to beauty? Are the 2 related? 
Easy, that quote "you are what you eat" explains it.  If you're eating nothing but fast food, your skin will show it, your weight will show it as well.

What's your favorite healthy meal?
A grilled chicken salad, and I love eating fruit salads. 

What's your favorite beauty tip? 
Women should always get sleep. It's really true we do need our beauty sleep. You know you had a good sleep when you wake up in the morning glowing. 

What is something you receive the most compliments about?
My face and my booty.

When was the last time you gave someone a sincere compliment and why?
I recently just gave my good friends, Mani and Miya, a complement today because Mani just cut her hair into a bob and she looks so pretty with it. Miya changed her hair color and she looks great!

When it comes to dating, do you prefer brains or beauty? Why?
I prefer brains. I mean it's always nice to have that guy that looks hot, but I really want a down to earth guy overall.

What is a major turn-off for you?
A major turn off of mines would have to be bad breathe. Eeww

What makes a person attractive to you?
His voice and his body would make me attracted to him. I like fit men but not over the top like a wrestler or something like that ... 

What advice do you have for people on the path to beauty and wellness? 
Create yourself, creating a great state of mind is the key to anything.

Thank you Alise, for taking the time to share your beautiful perspective on beauty!  

For more Alisesierra, you can follow her:
Instagram: @Alisesierra


Arisa@Bluefly said...

Models have to do so much to stay the size that they are. One wonders why there is so much pressure on models to be stick thin. Who does it benefit? Women who are a regular size look great in their clothes.

Jen on Beauty said...

I agree about a state of mind being the start for any type of change, whether it is with regard to health, fitness or beauty.

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