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Model of The Week: Anna Papadakis Talks Beauty

Meet Anna Papadakis, up and coming fitness model from NYC, Yoga instructor, and Well, Hello Pretty's very own "Model of The Week".

Age: 27
Height: 5'6
Weight: 125

Thank you for allowing us to interview you Anna, Let's get started with you telling our readers, a little bit about yourself.
 Hi, my name is Anna. I am a Yoga/Fitness Instructor, along side of that I am currently now in NYC pursing my lifestyle/fitness/commercial print modeling career. I've been practicing yoga for 6 years which I feel it now helps me maintain a well balanced, active, healthy life style here in NY. I practice about three times a week, along with light weight training to keep my muscles healthy and strong.

Please tell us, How did you get into modeling and Yoga?
I started practicing Yoga in the winter of 2007 when I completely fell in love with the art of mediation and the physical benefits of this exercise. Several months after, I had then decided that I wanted to teach and share my experience with the world. I enrolled in the Jimmy Barkan teacher training levels 1 and 2. Completing 350 hours of yoga alliance standard certification. 

My modeling career and dream took a new turn when I had met Johnny Rodrigeuz (a cousin of singer Mark Anthony). Weeks after my first photoshoot with him, I had networked with some of his recommended agencies and landed some exciting auditions, one which whom I worked on a set with Katherine Heigl on the Anderson cooper day time talk show. Currently working with MMG model management as a fitness model..[sic] some exciting new projects ahead.

So as a fitness model, how does yoga help to benefit your career?
Yoga helps me maintain a fit body for my fitness gigs. As an aspiring fitness model, it can be a handful maintaining a good body and making sure I am on point for my auditions, casting calls, and up coming photo shoots, etc.

That's awesome. Congrats on all your success so far! Thank you for sharing that with us. As you know, we are all about beauty here- so I have a few questions for you to get a little bit of your take on the genre.

What is your definition of “Beauty”?
Beauty to me is knowing and being able to see that underneath it all we are all the same. Beauty is maintaining a humble, compassionate soul while still having style and grace.

 What’s your favorite hair product and why?
My favorite hair product is [sic] 'Not Your Mothers' (brand) 'Clean Freak' refreshing dry shampoo. Being that I am always on the go I barely have time to shampoo my hair, plus that being said, my type of curly course hair can become dry if I over wash my hair.  This dry shampoo gives me that clean fresh feeling without the time to completely style and wash my hair every time I shower.. and I shower sometimes twice a day!! If they only made something like this for my laundry, LIFE would be way easier! Ha!

That would definitely be nice! So, since you're always on the go, do you have a go-to hairstyle?
My go to hairstyle is up in a bun, with a couple of strands loose, dangling earrings and I'm out the door.

What is your daily skin routine and what products do you use?
I shower with pepper mint or citrus body wash, the aroma of these products helps me to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. After, I follow up with Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Lemon Brass body oil which is one of my favorite holistic body care.

What is your favorite beauty secret/tip?
I drink a glass of water every morning BEFORE any Tea or Coffee, and of course staying hydrated trough out the day.

In your opinion, how important is diet in regards to beauty and exercise? 
I feel your consumption of what type of foods you eat plays a huge role in how we look physically; For example: shiny hair, strong nails, and healthy glowing skin. In conclusion, food is our fuel so it should be chosen wisely.
What's a typical breakfast, lunch, and dinner for you?
Breakfast: avocado egg-whites, a cup of oat meal and tea. Lunch: green salad with beets; iced green tea. Dinner: grilled salmon and quinoa salad; water.

What is something you receive the most compliments about?
People say that they love my energy, maybe because I tend to have an extra positive outlook towards life. That radiates on others.

What is something you would typically compliment someone about?
I tend to give compliments about people's attitude towards life.

When it comes to dating, do you prefer beauty or brains? & Why?
I prefer neither of them solely; I prefer a little bit of both. In the end, brains can give you beauty, but beauty can't give you brains.  

Very well put. What advice do you have for people on the path to beauty and wellness?
If you don't like yourself, how can you expect people to like you? Respect and love yourself and that will shine through your beauty.

Thank you Anna, for taking the time to share your beautiful perspective on beauty!

For more Anna Papadakis, you can follow her:
Twitter: @annapapadakis


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