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Model of the Week: Jesus Matias Talks Beauty

Meet Jesus Matias.  An up and coming model from NYC and Well, Hello Pretty's very own "Model of The Week". 

Age: 22
Height: 5'10
Weight: 145 lbs

Thank you for allowing us to interview you Jesus, Let's get started with you telling our readers, a little bit about yourself.
My name is Jesus F. Matias and I have been modeling for a year now, I am a fairly new professional. My goal in the fashion industry is to become an entrepreneur, currently I own a fashion line. I combined fashion and modeling since it's the same industry. Basically, I am always working, I love it and my background is film making. I grew up all over NYC and I have always been into face products and fashion since grade school. As a kid I grew up around film but I was always into the arts and beauty too.

Being fairly new to the modeling industry, what are some of the challenges you face and why do you enjoy it most?
It's quite the challenge being new because, you have no idea how to start. Being in my 20's I'm like wow, all my old high school mates are in college to become lawyers, doctors, etc. and I say; where do I go for modeling? lol well I started with buying books, watching documentaries then to test shooting for free, to networking events, getting rejected by casting directors & agencies. Now I am signed with Smart Models, I enjoy the challenges, I still face many today. There is always something new to learn when it comes to the clients that hire me & in general about the fashion industry.

You also said you own a fashion line, tell us about it and what’s your inspiration behind it and what do you hope to inspire with it?
My fashion line is called "Verum es Corrupta" which in Latin means "Truth is Corrupt". I hope to inspire people to express more of who they are and stop caring of what people think of them. VEC is all about expression whether it's odd or not. We are corrupt youth, my partners and I, were kids who were always judged, always compared to others, always forced to do what everyone else does. At a young age we decided to be in the streets and learned how to take action and stay ahead and now we are entrepreneurs, doing what we dream in all aspects. None of us have a fashion background, we have no one to teach us anything, nor do we look at other brands. We are isolated in the dark creating vision, art, and fashion. This is why we are VEC & our culture is to inspire. 

Very well explained. Thank you for sharing that with us. We'll be posting the link to your brand at the end of this interview for all of our readers to check out! As you know, we are all about beauty here- so let’s get a little bit of your take on the genre..I have a few questions for you so let's get started.

What is your definition of “Beauty”?
My definition of beauty is personality. "Looks" has its limits, I do admit I take a hard interest in women for their looks, but that is just the first step. Personality is key for me in actually considering them to be part of my life, and I am picky in looks/character!

What’s your favorite hair product and why?
My favorite hair product is ECO Styler (Hair Gel) I have been using it for years, it's rated 10 on Max Hold and it's very convenient for sculpting. The finishing result looks wet and natural and it stays the same for a long period.

What is your daily skin routine?
My favorite facial product brand is: Peter Thomas Roth, which is a high end skin-care brand that specifically focuses on certain skin problems, unlike proactive. They have a variety of products. Currently I am using the clinical peel & reveal dermal resurfacer, which I only use once a month to renew my skin. For daily use, I use the chamomile cleansing lotion which is a daily wash with natural herbs that extracts for most skin types.

To keep in shape, do you have a specific workout regimen?
I pretty much lift weights 3 times a week, 2 body parts a day and 2 days a week I sprint and jog. Then I'll switch it up by powerlifting and for cardio I'll do a 2 hour class of Muay Thai Kickboxing at Sitan Gym.

Wow! Muay Thai Kickboxing? That sounds fun and most certainly must work up an appetite! In your opinion, how important is diet (food) in regards to beauty?
Food is very important to beauty, eating greasy foods can cause you to look oily, sweat a lot, which all cause break outs. Yuck! Then you'll have skin marks & uneven tones. When you're on a big time veggie/lean meats diet your skin appears very smooth, with drinking lots of water, it comes out beautiful. It is very important to eat right, that way you can have your cheat days.

We all love cheat day!  So what's your favorite healthy meal?
My favorite healthy meal is, a turkish salad with a variety of chopped kebab meats, steak & chicken, with a bowl of fruits and a smoothie. It's a nice balance of proteins and vitamins! 

Your diet sounds like an awesome beauty tip within itself, care to share another beauty tip with our readers?
My favorite beauty tip, would be to go expensive when it comes to beauty, whether its going to a salon or buying skin products, always shop the best. You seriously get what you pay for when it comes to beauty! Beauty is an investment of self!

What is something you receive the most compliments about?
 I receive lots of compliments mainly on my charismatic personality and my facial features, I'm quite the catch I guess lol. 

Speaking of being a "catch", When it comes to dating, do you prefer brains or beauty? Why?
 I'm all about beauty. I believe everyone is smart in their field, people are great at what they do. She might not know anything about physics or politics but if she's a success in her field & makes me happy, that's what counts. 

How about, makeup or natural?
I love a dolled up woman, I enjoy seeing make up on women, It just shows how much they care about their appearance, which is what I am all about. I love confident women. 

What makes a person attractive to you?
What makes a person attractive is their personality & of course, how they present themselves.

What advice do you have for people on the path to beauty and wellness?
I would recommend people to go to a spa that focuses on skin, and get to know your type of skin! See what needs to be done in order to improve and to maintain it.

Thank you Jesus, for taking the time to share your beautiful perspective on beauty!  

For more Jesus Matias, you can follow him:
Instagram: @gooseroxxz

Don't forget to check out his awesome fashion line "Verum es Corrupta":
Instagram: @vec_ny


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