Monday, September 30, 2013

NYFW Serves Up Nail-tinis

If you thought I was done talking about all the cool products used during NYFW you were sadly mistaken. Our show for Fashion Designer, Naomi Spindel had great makeup thanks to Key Makeup Artist, Dana Arcidy and great hair thanks to Key Hairstylist, yours truly (shameless plug). Naomi also wanted great nails to complete the look but since this is not my specialty I had to call my girl Omary G (who is a fabulous Manicurist) to be part of the team. As Key Nail Stylist she created some really beautiful nail designs and gave the models the cutest pedis using Nailtini products. Nailtini is a brand under the Tini Beauty umbrella so of course this line too is inspired by cocktails.

The models hands and feet were prepped by massaging them with Nailtini’s Hot Buttered Rum Cream. The cream smells like exactly what you think it would - rum and butter. I love just sniffing the stuff it’s yummy. While the cream is designed to moisturize the hands and feet, it can also be used on rough areas such as elbows and knees to soften skin.  A lot of the girls were sad when their messages ended because the Hot Buttered Rum Cream feels awesome when being rubbed on. If I wasn’t so busy doing hair I would have begged for one too! 

While polishing nails it’s not uncommon to got some polish on a model’s skin or have a nail smudge. This is why the Manicurists were all armed with nail polish remover wipes that Nailtini calls Cocktail Napkins. Such a cute name! They are different from other wipes because they are acetone free so they don’t have that strong odor (these wipes smell like oranges) and they leave the cuticle conditioned instead of dried out.

It was really interesting for me to watch the nail team work. The first thing that I noticed was that Omary came with pre painted nails. As I scratched my head Scooby Doo style, she explained to me that when creating nail art this is a common practice to save on time and to ensure accuracy. Acrylic nails are painted ahead of time and applied to the models hands on the day of the show – it's really smart if you think about it. The nails were polished with an adorable limited edition pink color called Blushing Lady , had a glittery gold color called Gold Haze around the border, and a clear top coat called Vodka.

Last but not least, all of the ladies got pedicures using the shocking pink color Grenadine and top coat of Vodka.  The toes were kept simple because the color itself was so beautiful and attention grabbing. All of the models wore clear shoes (that Naomi referred to as stripper heels, LOL) so the feet really were all about the pedi. The models feet looked soft and touchable; and the super bright color complimented the collection beautifully. Nailtini rocks!


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