Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Best Makeup Brushes Ever!

I’ll be the first one to admit that I am a creature of habit, if I find something that works for me I usually do not deviate. As a Makeup Artist, I know first-hand that mastering your brush collection is a long, arduous task. This is why I have had the same makeup brushes for over 2 years! In an attempt to show others (and partly myself) that I’m open to trying new things…ISH, I begrudgingly agreed to try out 3 sets of Sigma Beauty brushes: the Kabuki Kit, the Precision Kit, and the Performance Eyes Kit. The brushes in all 3 collections are incredible! No one is more surprised than I am that I LOVE these brushes, but I have forsaken the brushes that have served me well for the past couple of years and have replaced them with these beauties.

When I got the brushes in the mail, I was so struck by the packaging. The boxes have such a fun design and they were wrapped in a bow, I felt like I was getting a special gift. Upon opening the box and touching the brushes I was overwhelmed by how soft the fibers were. I guess after having the same brushes for as long as I had, I forgot how soft new ones feel. I could not stop touching the bristles – for reals! To top it all off the brushes were beautiful. I couldn’t wait to take the brushes to work with me and put them to use.

After using my fancy new brushes on several clients, I love them all but had some clear favorites. I can’t live without my P86 PrecisionTapered brushes.  The shape makes it the perfect brush for powdering hard to reach areas such as the inner corner of the eye, the sides of the nose, and around the mouth.  I thought my Sephora blush brush was the best thing ever… I was an idiot. The F84 Angled Kabuki brush is hands down the best tool ever to apply blush. Using blush can be tricky because if a brush picks up too much product it can be hard to blend out the color. What I love about the Angled Kabuki most is that it not only places the blush on the cheeks but it also blends it out with minimal effort. I’ve been waiting for this brush all of my life. Another wonderful brush is the E 47 Shader Crease brush. This is the smallest crease brushes that I have ever used but there is a method to its madness. The size allows you to position the product directly into the crease and guide the eye shadow exactly where you want it to go for perfect placement. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

I doubted that I would find brushes that would work for me as well as what I had, but not only did the Sigma brushes match the functionality of my personal collection they surpassed it. I have replaced 95% of my beloved tools with these beautiful Sigma brushes simply because they’re superior.  My new babies are fabulous and I can’t begin to express how thrilled I am that I gave them a try!


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