Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Good, The Bad, and The Colon

Your colon has to be one of the more forgotten parts of your body.  Its certainly one of the bits nobody loves to talk about.  The girls don't make group appointments for an after brunch colonoscopy but maybe we should.  According to the Colon Cancer Alliance, colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer related deaths in the US.  Not to mention there are over a million colon cancer survivors in these fifty states.  And while its better to be a cancer survivor than not, its also better to never have the cancer at all.  So enough with the big C.  Lets just say its time to pay attention ladies.  There are other reasons you should pay attention to your colon.  And there are easier ways to do it rather than snaking a camera up there.

Your intestines is something like 30 feet all stretched out.  And for all of my meat eaters out there (and yes that includes fish.  Fish is a meat, kids) you should know that there is no fiber in meat.  Fiber comes from veggies and grains and seeds but not from meat. That means there's nothing to push the meat along and it has a tendency to get stuck in the folds of your intestines and rot there.  Are you cringing yet?  There are ways to combat the daily assault your body.  

The easiest way is daily fiber.  Fiber Fiber Fiber.  And these days your grandmother's Metamucil is out.  It's all about naturally fibrous foods like grains, seeds, leafy veggies and fresh fruit.  Your heavy hitters are flax seeds and psyllium husk and you can put them in your smoothie sprinkle them over your salads and pasta.  My favorite I learned from a good friend who told me a great way to get some fiber is psyllium in grapefruit or orange juice.  Just drink it fast!  The psyllium becomes gelatin quickly. 

Now the next step you can take to make your tummy happy and fight bloat is the colonic.  I can hear the thunder and horror movie style screams but listen, its not as bad as it seems.  Firstly colon hydrotherapy has been around forever.  Seriously, the ancient Egyptians used to do an old school version of it.  And while your bowels are great at removing waste, it can't clear everything and it affects your skin, your hair growth and causes slight bloating and puffiness.  A colonic, in my opinion, needn't be performed more than three times a year.  The breakdown of the process is such that a small tube with en even smaller tube inside is inserted (ahem) down there and water is used to flush out the colon and make it all squeaky clean.  Throughout the whole process your abdomen is being massaged and when its all done you really do feel lighter. 

So in conclusion, please take care of your colon because cancer is the pits.  Also, overall health is important.  Its super simple to increase the amount and variety of fibrous foods in your diet.  And of course after the holidays a great time to flush out all the leftover pumpkin pie that somehow got left on the digestion conveyor belt. 


jorg gray said...

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