Sunday, September 1, 2013

How to Protect Your Hair From Sun

With the summer days winding down, we are cramming as much sun and fun as we can before the days get shorter and the breeze gets cooler.  We know that loading up on SPF is crucial for outdoor activities but there are also ways we can protect our hair as well.  Exposure to UV rays, salt water, chlorine and sticky humidity definitely does a number on our hair but there are some products that can help protect our hair, along with some simple things to be mindful of when you are enjoying the last days of summer.  

Using a UV protectant such as Unite's 7 Seconds Detangler or Bumble and bumble's Color Minded Styling Balm which will help preserve your color and serves as a UV protectant, as well as a thermal protectant.  Both products work best on damp hair so they are  great to have in your beach bag to apply while you are in and out of the water or use before styling your hair to keep it protected during an outdoor wedding or picnic.

Bumble and bumble's Leave-In Conditioner and Sunday shampoo are crucial for those who are always poolside.  Apply the Leave-In Conditioner when your hair is wet and leave in while you are in and out of the pool.  The conditioner will help keep your hair moisturized to prevent your hair from soaking up the chlorine. This product also works wonders for salty water, preventing your hair from drying out after a day at the beach.  Once your hair is dry, the Leave-In Conditioner will help tame your frizz afterward also.  Bumble and bumble's Sunday shampoo is perfect for those families where the kids spend their week at the pool.  Not suited for color treated hair, use only once a week.  This shampoo clarifies hair and washes away impurities and product residue built up through out the week for a fresher Monday.

There are a few things that you can do to protect your hair without the use of products: 
1.  Wear a hat while outdoors.  Not only will this help protect your hair from sun exposure but also shield your face and ears often times missed by our sunscreen.
2.  Soak hair in fresh water before getting into a pool or rushing into the ocean.  Your hair will soak up the fresh water, preventing your hair from retaining the salt or chlorinated water which will dry out your hair.
3. Let your hair air dry after a shower.  Refrain from using any heat styling after a day in the sun since your hair as already been exposed to heat so try and give your hair a rest.
4.  Keep your hair up in a bun or another updo.  The ends of your hair are the oldest and weakest part of the strand so keep them tucked away to avoid any further damage from the sun.


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