Monday, October 14, 2013

10 Ways to Use Vaseline in Your Beauty Routine

A few days ago I came across an awesome article by beauty guru Michelle Phan and I just had to share with you, some of the tips she blogged about on how to use Vaseline in different ways.  I've personally always used Vaseline for as a highlighter for my cheeks, as an alternative to lip balm and also to soften the skin on my elbows, knees, and ankles. However, I thought she added some really cool extras, so without further ado!

10 Ways to Use Vaseline in Your Beauty Routine

1.) Lip scrub: Mix some Vaseline with sugar for a DIY lip scrub.  (Click here for more lip softening tips)
2.) Skin softener: Rough elbows, feet or hands? Just put Vaseline on any dry spots and put mittens or socks on before you go to sleep – you’ll wake up with baby-soft skin!
3.) Makeup remover: Vaseline removes eye makeup in a few simple swipes – just make sure you are rinsing it off afterwards to avoid any eye irritation.
4.) Hair dye protector: If you dye your hair at home, be sure to apply some Vaseline along your hairline so the dye doesn’t stain your skin.  It also protects your skin from the harsh chemicals in the dye!
5.) Chafing healer:  Protect your nose from chafing during a cold or chilly weather by applying a dab of Vaseline.  
6.) Highlighter: Apply a tiny dab of Vaseline to the top of your cheekbones for a pretty, radiant sheen.  It can also be used to help you achieve the “wet” eye makeup look that was all over fall runways.
7.) Cream-ify: Turn any powder eyeshadows or blushes to cream by mixing them with a bit of Vaseline. Use your concoction as a tinted lip balm that will keep your lips smooth all winter long.
8.) Cuticle protector: Keep your cuticles soft and moisturized by massaging Vaseline into them.  If you do this before a manicure, this will also keep your nail polish from getting on your cuticles!
9.) Smooth flyaways:  If you’re going for a super-sleek pony, use a tiny bit of Vaseline to smooth and tame any flyways.  Remember, a little goes a long way!
10.) Make your perfume last: Apply a bit of Vaseline to your pulse points to MAKE YOUR PERFUME LAST LONGER.

Awesome tips, right?  Thanks, Mish!


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