Friday, October 11, 2013

DIY: 7 Steps to Becoming a Zombie

I had the honor of doing zombie makeup for the dancers at Broadway Bound Dance Centre in New Jersey for their performance at the Annual Zombie Walk in Asbury. It was such a fun job! I used cream makeup and powders in different colors (Mehron, MAC, Makeup Forever, Ben Nye) to create the skin and contours. I created gashes in the skin using the Elmer's Glue and toilet paper method. Elmer's Glue is a great replacement for liquid latex. I like this method because it gives you the creative freedom to create unique "wounds" on each person. And of course, fake blood was used, which was my favorite part! I smeared a bunch around each zombie's mouth, inside the wounds, and splattered it across their faces.

Steps to achieving this "undead" look:

1. Prime the skin with a sticky moisturizer. This gives the makeup something to grasp onto. I used Cetaphil, which is good for all skin types including sensitive.

2. Stipple white cream makeup all over the face and neck. Do the same with brown, but apply only to the contours of the face and down the neck. Then, use green in random areas to make the skin look sallow and dead.
3. Apply a mixture of black and burgundy eyeshadow all over the eye socket.

4. Using a thin paintbrush, or lip brush, and purple cream makeup, draw veins onto the skin.

5. Create wounds in the skin by applying a layer of Elmer's glue with a q-tip, followed by a layer of ripped toilet paper, followed by another layer of Elmer's glue. While it is wet, use a pointed object (like a bobby pin or toothpick) to peel back the skin to create a gash. Allow to dry, then fill the gash with red eyeshadow. Stipple black, brown, green, or purple eyeshadow onto/around the rest of the wound to look like dead skin. Apply fake blood where you put the red eyeshadow, and allow it to drip down the face. You could also purchase readymade wounds at the Halloween store and apply it with liquid latex.

6. Using a cup filled with fake blood, and a dense paintbrush, dip the brush into the blood and roughly swipe it along the edge of the cup in order for the blood to spray onto the face. You could use a squirt bottle rather than this method if you prefer.

7. (Optional) Set the makeup with a translucent powder and setting spray.

Voila! You are now ready to join the cast of the Walking Dead, or dance to Thriller, whatever floats your boat.


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