Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Perfume!  We all love it and we all want it to last a bit longer. I've never been that person whom everyone recognizes via the scent of their perfume and no matter how hard I'd try to obtain that form of recognition, it just didn't seem to happen.. until now.   Inspired by one of my dear friends, whom we can all identify is in the building because the scent of his cologne blesses the aroma of any room he walks in (jealous), I decided to do some experimenting and research to figure out how to make it last.  Here are some tips that I found to be very useful in not only making your perfume last longer, but it also summons compliments and the type of recognition I've been waiting for- All without making anyone choke or cough from it being overwhelming. No one likes overwhelming perfumes and colognes, right?  

1. Choose perfumes with strong base notes.
I think this is the most important tip. I'll admit, I was totally in the dark about base notes in relation to perfumes until recently. I asked my friend, the one I referenced earlier, "How do you get your cologne to be so noticeable...do you bathe in it!?" he laughed and said "It's the 3rd note".  I was totally lost.  Then he sent me a link and it turns out, that there are different layers to perfume. While I knew this... I didn't understand the depth of it.  Base notes are the longest lasting layer of the perfume. You want to make sure that the perfume you purchase has a strong one because typically, the top note and middle notes are what fade away within an hour and all you're left with after that is the base note. Better pick a strong one.

2. Apply perfume right after the shower.
The steam from a hot shower opens up your pores. If you apply your perfume right after your shower, your pores will soak them right up and it'll last longer.

3. Apply your perfume to pulse points aka "hot" areas on your body.

This is an obvious one to most, but very important.  Don't just spray your perfume all over your body and leave.  Be sure to take some time and apply a little perfume to areas like your neck, cleavage, wrists, pulse behind the ears, pulse of the hands, and above your elbow folds.  Perfume scent is stimulated by heat. Another tip is to apply Vaseline to your pulse points first and then apply the perfume. This adds extra help in making your perfume last longer.

4. Spray perfume in your hair and a light spritz on your outfit.
Freshly washed hair can carry your perfume scent for up to a week.  You can also, very lightly, spray some perfume on your clothing. Using the infamous "walk through" method... spray some perfume into the air and simply walk through it. Spraying perfume in your hair and on your clothing adds to the whole scent "blowing in the wind" effect.  

5. Layer your fragrances.
Layering involves using different methods of scents and/or different perfumes together.  Try using a nicely scented moisturizer/lotion and a light similarly scented body spray in addition to your perfume. With a little experimentation, you can find a combination that gets you noticed but doesn't overwhelm anyone.

6. Reapply perfume throughout the day.
As a general rule of thumb, fragrances will last 4 to 8 hours, depending on quality and concentration of essential oils.  Carry a travel size perfume with you to lightly spritz throughout the day either before a lunch date, a work meeting, or after the gym.

7. Store your perfume properly.
Fragrance compounds are degraded by heat and light. To keep perfume in its prime, keep it in comfortably cool and dry conditions away from heat sources and direct sun. If your perfume is at it's best... it will continue to work better for you! Faded fragrances are pretty useless when applying these tips so proper storing is important.

Tip:  Trust your nose and don't over do it.  The last thing you want is to have an overwhelming scent that makes people gag.  If it's just enough for you to smell then it's just right.  Most of the time, if you think it's too much... you're probably right. So use these tips in good judgement. Another thing to consider- as I mentioned before fragrance is stimulated by heat.  In the summer time, apply less perfume at a time and in the winter time you may want to apply a little more than you would in the summer since the air is colder and working against your fragrance.


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