Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Styling Black Ink Crew's Sassy and Dutchess for an XXL Shoot

One of the best parts of being a celebrity Hairstylist is never knowing what your next job is. Some people find being put into random situations a little scary but I thrive on it. This is why when my friend Bernadette, an Editor at XXL magazine, asked me to do hair for a gig in Harlem the only info I asked for was the address and the call time.  When I arrived at the location I was pleasantly surprised to see that our shoot was taking place at Black Ink Tattoo Studio – that’s where they tape the VH1 show “Black Ink Crew”.  After going in, saying my hellos, and setting up my two client walked in; and they were none other than “Black Ink Crew” stars Sassy and Dutchess. Love them!

When I asked for direction for the hair I was told by Bernadette “Do whatever you want.” That is one of the frightening answers you can get, because if they don’t like the direction you take the entire fault lies on you. This is when consulting with your clients comes into play. I asked Sassy what she wanted to do with her hair and ironically she said “I’m down for whatever.” Upon asking Dutchess what she would be comfortable with, she replied “I wasn’t even sure if I’d be getting my hair done today,  because some Hairstylists done know how to work with dreads. Do your thing.” It was nice to know that the ladies had full confidence in my abilities but the pressure was on to come up with something that everyone would be happy with.

First up was Sassy, since I’ve never seen her with curls before I decided to go that route.  I started by applying Mixed Chicks Hair Silk to her hair for softness and shine. Next I smoothed out her roots and edges with a small straightener.  I had hair extensions her color in my kit and attached them to her Mohawk starting from the middle and going all the way back to the nape. Finally I curled her entire head (including the extensions) with a 3/8 inch iron and hit her with some finishing spray. The result was a beautiful mountain of curls that really flattered her face!

Next up was Dutchess, I thought her dreads were so beautiful but I didn’t want to leave them completely down. I decided on putting half of her hair up with a little height on top. I started out by re-twisting the roots of the dreads on the outer perimeter of her head, and slicking down her edges with gel. I then twisted the top half section of her hair in the middle and pinned it in place, afterword I crisscrossed the dreads on the sides over each to make a cool design in the back. I finished by spraying her hair with BetterLocks Conditioning Almond Oil for shine. I was really happy with it and so was Dutchess.

The talent, Editor, and the Photographer were all happy with my work and I breathed a sigh of relief. I didn’t expect Sassy and Dutchess to be as nice as they were, both ladies were incredibly sweet; and they’re stunning in person. The shoot ended up going really smoothly and the final images were gorgeous, I love my job!


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