Saturday, October 19, 2013

OCC Lip Tar: Holy Grail or Hot Mess?

Every makeup company tries really hard to introduce new products to the market that the industry has never seen before. A vegan makeup company called OCC (short for Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) introduced a new product to the makeup industry called Lip Tar and MUA's everywhere went crazy over it. Lip Tar is a SUPER pigmented, cruelty-free liquid lipstick.  

I was gifted some Lip Tar during a fashion show because OCC was the official makeup sponsor and I couldn’t wait to put it to use. After hearing so much about the item I wanted to see if all of the hype was deserved – and at $18 per tube it better had been!

I got booked to do hair and makeup for a look book shoot and the Photographer wanted to do each lip a different but vibrant color, so this was the perfect time try out my Lip Tar. The first thing that I noticed was the scent, it was minty and I really hate that. I squeezed way too much out of the tube, I only used 1/10th of the amount that I dispensed. I assumed that since it looked like lip gloss it would also be the same consistency - I was so wrong. A little bit spreads really far and it feels almost like a lipstick that has been melted down. To create 2 toned lips on my model, I used the color Hoochie on the top lip and the color Pretty Boy on the bottom lip. Two drops of Lip Tar was more than enough to cover both lips. In all fairness it really looked beautiful but it smudges really easily and stains the skin. The model moved around a lot in her poses and the Lip Tar was getting all over her face because the product does not set well;  I had to touch her up constantly.

I was impressed by the pigmentation and how far the product goes, but I was really annoyed by how messy it could get on set. Maybe in real life it’s not as bad but I’m not willing to take that risk. The model even texted me later and joked that she still had Lip Tar all over her. I got a great final shot using the product but I would never purchase it.


Anonymous said...

I totally think it was just used improperly:( we used this in a shoot for a class and it stayed allll day. but we used tiny amounts and used clear gloss for shine. I really like it to tint concealer and foundation as well. to each their own, but when used lightly and carefully, I think you may find it indespencible if you need a long lasting, opaque lip color:)) I still love and value your opinion and just felt I needed to say that:))

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