Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Cute and Easy DIY Bridesmaid Hairstyle

I have found myself doing hair for tons of weddings lately and I’ve noticed that more women are requesting styles that incorporate braids. Braids are being worn a lot by celebrities on red carpets, so it makes sense that my clients are showing me pictures of their favorite stars and asking me to recreate their braided styles. I recently did a cute sideswept style with a Dutch braid and I will explain how to duplicate the look. You need to start out with smooth hair, so if your hair is curly or wavy it needs to be blown out or flat ironed before you can begin.

Set Your Curls:

1. Spray the entire head with light hold hairspray and brush the hair to distribute the product evenly.

2. Using a 1” curling iron wrap a section of hair around the iron going in the direction away from your face. Hold the hair there for 8-15 seconds (depending on the length of the hair) and upon releasing the hair roll it back up and clip it in place so that is looks as if there were a roller in your hair.
2a. Repeat this process throughout your entire head to set your curls and give your set hair another spray.
3. After allowing 10-15 minutes for the hair to cool, take all the clips out of your hair and brush through your curls to loosen them up.

Braid Your Hair:

4. Make a side part and section out the amount of hair that you would like to leave out on the heavier side of your part (the side with the most hair) and pin it out of the way.

5. With the hair left out begin to Dutch braid starting as close to the hairline as you like.
6. Continue to Dutch braid the hair in a downward motion going toward the other side of your head and end the braid at the nape of the neck.
7. Using a clear elastic band, secure the braid at the nape of the neck so that is does not unravel.


8. Release the hair that was pinned up and shape your hair with a comb and/or your fingers until you achieve your desired look.
9. Once you achieve your preferred shape apply a dime sized amount of finishing cream to control frizz and fly aways.
     10. Give your hair one more spray to hold your hair in place and you’re done!


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