Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Yoga Hip Openers to Break Up the Monotony

Happy Sweet November! Here are a series of Hip Openers, printable or screenshot-able for later reference, yea!
Many of us spend our daily hours sitting in front of a computer and we get tight in our hip flexors, which cause lower back pain. Lets prevent and/or heal! Take a few minutes to try these 6 hip opening stretches, take 5 breaths in each pose. Do at least one everyday.
1) Warrior 1, 5 breaths each side.
2) Warrior 2, 5 breaths each side.
3) Triangle, 5 breaths each side.
4) Pigeon Pose, 5 breaths each side.
5) Goddess Pose, 5 breaths or more.
6) Happy Baby, 5 breaths or more.

[Article via Sunina.com]


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