Sunday, December 8, 2013

Gorgeous Pin Up Hair From My NY Post Shoot With 3 Buff Beauties!

I recently had one of the coolest hairstyling gigs ever; I got to turn 3 strong and athletic women into 1940’s pin up girls - love doing vintage hair! I was booked by the NY Post to do hair for Massy Arias aka @MankoFit, Lita Lewis aka @FollowTheLita, and Sohee Lee aka @SoheeFit . All of these fit ladies have strong social media followings and represent beauty in healthy way. I’m going to explain how to recreate these timeless hairstyles from the 40’s using Not Your Mother's All Eyes on Me Shape & Shine hairspray.

Sohee has a ton of thick hair so there were no extensions necessary, but if you need them for volume go on and pop a few in. I started out by spraying the hair with All Eyes on Me and curling her entire head with a 1” iron in the direction going toward her face. Next I made a square section on top of her head in the center (how large or small of a section you like is up to you). I gathered my top section and started to roll the hair around two of my fingers starting at the ends and continued to roll down until I got to the root. You can place your roll in the left, middle, or right of the section but I chose to place it on the right. Once your roll is shaped the way you like, pin it into place from the front and the back of the roll.  Give the hair a final spray to hold the style together. Place a flower of your choice in front of your ear on either and pin it down so that it won’t budge and you’re done!

Lita has thick shoulder length hair but I popped in a few extensions for length. First we sprayed all of the hair with All Eyes on Me. Using a ¾” iron I curled all of her hair going in the direction away from her face and brushed through the curls. Next I made a deep side part (you can part on whatever side you prefer). I then twisted the hair at the nape of the neck over to the heavier side (the side of the part with the most hair) and pinned in in place so that all of the hair rested on one shoulder.  Hit the hair with a final spray to keep curls in tact. Finish by placing a flower in front of the ear of the side with no hair on the shoulder.

Massie has long bangs and we wanted to give her Betty Page style bangs, so I utilized clip in bangs. First we sprayed All Eyes on Me throughout her hair and brushed it through. Her whole head was curled in the direction going toward her face with a 1” curling iron. I sectioned her hair horizontally from ear to ear, then I made a vertical part in middle of that section to divide it in two. Next I made victory rolls with both sections by rolling the hair around two fingers starting at the ends and rolling until I reached the root. When my rolls where in place I pinned them in place in the front and back of the rolls. Then I placed the clip in bang in the center of the part to hide the part completely  and cut them down a little. Spray the hair once more to keep the hair in place. I completed the look with….you guessed it a flower! In this style the flower can be placed on whatever side you prefer.

Vintage hairstyles are way less intimidating than they seem, and having the right product makes them that much easier. The All Eyes on Me Shape & Shine hairspray gives the hair curl memory, adds shine, and has a nice touchable hold.  


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