Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Green Lipstick Challenge

I recently posted about a lipstick color from the Dolce & Gabbana Sicilian Jewels Collection called Emerald. The D&G Emerald color is a shade of green and it’s extremely attention grabbing. Needless to say, I got some mixed reactions on the lipstick color and wanted to test it out on other women. I immediately noticed that this lipstick is all about attitude and wondered how women would adapt to wearing such a bold statement color. I decided to do an experiment with Emerald by D&G on ladies that I know personally. I called this experiment: “The Green Lipstick Challenge” and to my surprise had several willing participants. I got some of my friends together of different ages and ethnicities and had them try Emerald to see if they could work it. It’s a tough color to embrace but they all really had fun with.

I have a diverse group of friends which only made this experiment more interesting. My homies range in age from 20’s – 60’s and are of different ethnicities. It was really interesting to see that once D&G’s Emerald was applied and they got a look at themselves, many of their attitudes changed. It was like the lipstick took over and temporarily altered their personalities releasing their inner diva. I’ve attached some shots of my girlfriends and myself wearing the color. What I think is cool is that the color looks different on everyone, they were even fighting over who wore it best, lol. See for yourself!
Erica, a 20-something Caucasian woman
T., a 30-something African American woman
Rosa, a 40-something Latina woman
Anna, a 50-something Caucasian woman
Grace, a 50-something Latina woman
Angie, a 60-something Afro Latina woman


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