Friday, January 3, 2014

Natural Hair Wonder Product

It's no secret that I'm addicted to wearing hair extensions and have been for over 10 years - loves it! What some people don't know is that under all of those weave tracks lurks a head full of natural hair. I've been natural for some time now and every few months I rock my natural locks. One of my favorite products for my hair is Mixed Chicks Hair Silk. I love the Hair Silk  serum because it's great if I want to wear my hair in an afro or if I choose to do a silk out. For those of you who don't know what a silk out is, it's when you straighten your natural hair through thermal styling; my tool of choice is a flat iron. I recently wore my hair both ways but I will show you how fabulous Mixed Chicks Hair Silk is for an effective silk out. Although my hair is baby fine, I have a lot of it and it's VERY resistant to heat. The product really aids in smoothing my hair and leaves it super soft.

Below are photos of my hair results when using Mixed Chick Hair Silk when my hair is air dried and results after being silked out with a flat iron. For the silk out I took 1" sections and turned my flat iron up to 400 degrees. Section by section I smoothed the hair out from root to tip. The serum coats the hair and gives it great shine.

Air dried afro with Hair Silk

Smoothing hair out with a flat iron

Half way done

All done and ready to hit the streets


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