Friday, January 24, 2014

New Makeup Trick For Radiant Skin!

Anyone who knows me knows that my style of doing makeup is all about glowing skin. I’m a dewy skin addict! Personally I think it’s the prettiest finish that skin can have. I usually accomplish it by highlighters or shimmers but I recently found a new way that leaves the skin gorgeous and photographs beautifully. I found a new way to use one of my favorite products – NARS multiples. The multiple is a product manufactured by NARS that comes in cream stick form. It can be used on the eyes, cheeks, or lips; it’s called the multiple due to its multi-purpose use.

I experimented with a multiple in the color G Spot and found that when used underneath foundation it gives a lit from within glow. Usually I use a multiple after foundation and powder, but when I used it before foundation it gave an effortless glow that I found stunning. After moisturizer and primer apply the NARS multiple to the high points of the cheeks and the temples of the forehead and then apply foundation and the rest of the your makeup as usual.
I tested it out on a model for a recent shoot that I did, and found that it photographs wonderfully and made the skin look radiant.  This is a technique that I will be using on my brides and on models for a long time. I have included some of the final shots from the shoot in this post so that you can see the results for yourself which are gorgeous.


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